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I have a vision to win the lost and bless people all around the world. I want to bring the truth of scripture to everyone. Not a watered down mindset that many in this world adhere to. But to be set apart, sold out as the early Ekklesia where. I would even like to work full time in this ministry.

I could really use your help to spread the gospel if you would be so kind. The ads on the site don’t cover the expenses at this point. I only get Social Security and do a little driving for ride share companies on a part time basis.

If enough people donated only $5.00 per month I could pay the bills. Does that sound fair? Could you get through life on $5.00 less per month?

I operate this site on my own servers so I keep my web presence private and I could really use your help to cover the expenses to make this all possible. All donations will be send to my company. Don’t worry, I will know what your donation is for when I receive it. It’s all built into the links.

Don’t you know that those who perform the holy services eat from the Temple, and those who wait on the altar receive a share at the altar? So also the Lord ordered those who proclaim the Good News to get their living from the Good News. 1 Corinthians 9:13,14

Thank you for being here.

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