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Not many people realize that the word ‎‏”‏Christian‏”‏‎ was an insult. Yeshua never called his disciples “Christians” nor did he ever call his teachings “Christianity”. Labels such as this were invented later after his ascension.

The name “Christian” (in English) was originally a Greek term that did not mean “Christ-follower”, as so many believe that it did/does. This is why so many people think that the disciples were legitimately called “Christians” and their belief called “Christianity”.

The term “Christian” was meant and intended as an insult against true believers in Yeshua. It was a term meant to accuse them of following a false Messiah, just as the Pharisees and pre-4th century Romans were falsely accusing them of doing.

The followers of Yeshua HaMashiach were simply called “Nazarenes”, or Netzarim which is not a name of a religion, nor does it refer to a new religion they adopted or invented.

Agrippa, a‏ pagan king was among the first ones who called the followers of Messiah, “Christians.”

The word “Christian” comes from the Greek word christianos, meaning “little Christ.” The accusers of Yeshua’s disciples used it as an insult. So, it was meant to be a jeer and not that the disciples of Messiah made that name for themselves.

For those of us who are Torah pursuant, how are we to distinguish from others in the world who call themselves Christian if they are keeping Sunday and not obeying Messiah? Does it not confuse those we might win to Messiah? How are we set apart (Holy) if we use the same terms people use who do not keep Torah?

There never were TWO kinds of Christianity.

“Christianos” in Greek is like a compound English word. “Christ” meaning anointed one, or Messiah. “Anos” is abbreviated from “anosios” which means “unholy, wicked”.

The hijacked message of the true Messiah by the Roman Catholic church fathers in the 4th century reinvented practically everything. Using twisted interpretation (even to the omitting of large chunks of the Word of Elohim as being meaningful and necessary) they crafted a new religion that was supposedly Bible-based by taking out as much Hebrewism as they could get away with.

They called themselves Christians and still call themselves that.

The word “Catholic” is Latin, “catholicus”, from the Greek adjective καθολικός (katholikos), meaning “universal”. The word “universal” reveals their intention…of which they have accomplished, as to today everyone knows about Christianity and it is the largest religious institution on the earth. I shall insert here that the many that Yeshua spoke of in Matthew 7:13-14 refers to religious persons.

In no way were, or are the set apart believers ever meant to be regarded as “Christians” by Elohim. Not at the beginning and not now. Not ever. We are known as “Yisrael” since we are grafted-in. We are the Netzarim, the followers of “The Way” Yeshua HaMashiach the Nazarene.

Christianity has always been pagan-based from its inception by Rom in the 4th century. Many people misunderstand the term “Christian” and often think they were the early believers and the true believers of today. Which creates a lot of deception and confusion that causes many to believe a lie.

The terms “Christian” and “Christianity” are not authentic terms of the true faith once delivered to the saints. The term Christian (singular) is only used twice in the Renewed Covenant. The term Christians (plural) is only used once in the Renewed Covenant books. The term Christianity is not used at all in the books of the Renewed Covenant.

The term has been used inaccurately with exception of Acts 11:26, by the translators. However, in the case of Acts 11:26, the term is misunderstood by most readers as an official title, which it definitely is not.

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