His Love is out of this world!


What kind of motorcycles do Messianics ride? It’s obvious, a YAHmaha!

What kind of cars do Messianics drive? A Honda! This way they are in one Accord!

There’s an apartment building in my neighborhood that’s full of guys who think they’re Yeshua.
It’s a Messiah Complex

Yeshua HaMashiach, 12 years old, steps out of his home but neglects to close the door behind him.
Mary: Hold on, son! Were you born in a barn?

Moishe built a sukkah on the balcony of his apartment. Just before the holiday began, the landlord noticed it and demanded that it be removed immediately, claiming it was a violation of the terms of his lease. Moishe refused, telling the landlord that since this was a religious observance, he had the right to build the sukkah there.

The landlord disagreed and immediately took the case to court.

In court, the landlord argued that the sukkah was unsightly, against the terms of the lease, and was a fire hazard. Moishe argued his religious rights. The judge, who happened to be Jewish, listened patiently and then offered his verdict.

“I agree with the landlord in this case, and I therefore rule that you have eight days to take down your hut.”

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