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Transcending the ego, or Ego Transcendence. I’m going to delve into a deeper understanding of human behavior not many have known. I don’t often write or talk about this but it may be of some use.

Ego transcendence is an altered state of consciousness marked by the conviction that one is beyond concern with the self and therefore able to perceive reality with increased objectivity. They no longer act out of hurt or fear but rather knowledge. Although the world will wonder what in their past has affected them, this thinking no longer applies. They typically have healed emotionally and have become emotionally strong. They have also renewed their mind so that they have become spiritually minded. Their behavior can no longer be explained by common psychology because they have integrated into a spiritual mindset that transcends the thinking of this world.

Their reactions are not based on emotional hurt or damage or self aggression. Their reactions are based on the truth of scripture and the world will view them as strange. They are motivated by what they have learned and no longer act on impulse but on knowledge instead in reacting to others.

Yeshua HaMashiach responded in defense of our Heavenly Father. When spiritual men act in the same manner people may think they are acting out of ego, or hurts from past fears. But this is not so among those who are spiritually minded. This is a place of understanding written in scripture yet many do not understand it. It is a place of selfless objectivity and increased awareness in the spiritual.

Many people were offended in Messiah yet he was not concerned about their feelings. He savored the things of Yehovah just as we should. As Ben Shapiro has stated, “Truth doesn’t care about your feelings.” We become not offended in the truth when we are finally able to receive the hard truth without having our feelings hurt. Or even enduring insults and such things without having our feelings hurt.

Ego transcendence allows us to have shalom under pressure. Not angry because someone attacked us, but when the truth of Elohim is not proceeding from someones mouth when they attack us, we defend Elohim. It is not our own defense we initiate but our interest becomes the defense of our Heavenly Father. Actions from us may appear similar to the common man, yet the motive is not the same.

Three different people can be doing the same thing, yet with different motives. Only Elohim knows the heart, if we try to discern motive based on the limited understanding we have, we deceive ourselves. The person with spiritual insight sees past the carnal into the spiritual. We know that Messiah does not have ego. We know he never acted out of hurt feelings. We know there are men besides him who are filled with the holy Spirit who do not have ego.

Transcendence imputes the most inclusive and the highest level of human consciousness that is behaving and relating to, as ends rather than means.

Although people can contemplate the same thing, we cannot contemplate ‘the intuitive apprehension’ of another. This involves the Sartrean idea of becoming concerned or doubtful about the awareness that we are to be responsible for our own actions, and also that we can be conscious of the thing like another consciousness is conscious of the thing, but we cannot reflect on their being conscious of the thing like we can reflect on our being conscious of the thing.

We all are a different thinking type. Even in transcendence we retain our way of thinking, only that it has integrated into a selfless pattern that enables us to understand other people’s consciousness or thought patterns a little better. And even in different thought patterns we can combine them with others to find a deeper understanding of truth.

Transcendence is also a place where we can learn even from our enemies. Although we are guarded against lies because our mind is renewed, it brings us to a place of discernment that guides us no matter what is hurled at us.

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