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A Program Called Christian
From the desk of Steven J. Caswell

This is to notify those of you who are not aware of a program called “Christian.” It’s purpose is to give off light to the world. However, recently we’ve noticed that the light has been diminished due to several vulnerability issues. Christian has become complacent and several areas of light emitting areas have been covered with filth from the sin of this world. The program was developed by God under the Life Giving license, purchased by blood and distributed freely.

We don’t guarantee this program will work in any environment, it is distributed to whosoever will. We’ve noticed some glitches when the program is removed from the “Power Source” and becomes weak. However, when recharged, Christian begins to shine more brightly and the filth that once clogged light emitting areas is removed.

A known virus called Christmas has infected many of these programs and caused the light to be diminished greatly, other viruses such as Halloween, Easter, gluttony, selfishness and filthy lucre have also effected many of the Christian programs. We strongly urge you to keep a watchful eye and not let any of these into your system.

The program operates on thinking, emotion and feeling. Some modifications to the program by its creator have caused it’s decision making to be more effective. However, some viruses have caused it to be motivated more by feeling or emotion than thinking. If you have encountered this we strongly suggest that you guard the input into the program. The entrance to the program is through the eyes and the security is dependant on each program depending on what the owner has set up in the configuration. We suggest that you take time and set a guard against anything that would effect the program negatively.

If you have noticed the program going into sleep mode too long, it’s a good idea to run the program more often and keep it productive. Yet don’t allow it to be over active, most of the time the program will wander if too much energy is supplied to it. We strongly suggest you keep your firewall on and block any negative input, yet keep the outbound ports wide open. This should help the light to be stronger and have more of an effect on the darkness around it.

There is a module for the program called “The Word” that will greatly increase its strength all around. It also will help strengthen your firewall and be able to better detect any inbound data that is unwanted. The Word will also help detect any viruses that may be present and also restore your system when you apply “The Blood” along with it, a patch we discuss further down. It has the ability to cause the light to be stronger as well and pierce the darkness around it. The Word is distributed freely under the Blood Covenant and will keep your system operating at peak performance. Without The Word, Christian has a tendency to look at The World. A bug in the system adds a letter and the program allows unwanted data into it. You should add this module right away so Christian will only gain its input from The Word. With this module in place Christian will be far more productive and effective.

It’s been discovered that adding “The Word” alone doesn’t purify the system and so a patch has been released called “The Blood.” You should apply “The Blood” asap. The Blood will purify your system and cleanse it of all filth. Once the system is purified we’ve noticed that the light will shine brightest. Christian will then run at its best since The Blood will make it every wit whole. Filth doesn’t remain in your system but is deleted entirely. We recommend this patch highly and urge you to download it right away. Remember, make sure you get “The Word” and “The Blood.” Without these the light will be dimmed and the program will be rendered useless once viruses creep in.

For technical support, call toll free – GOD-UPA-BOVE

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that it will impact your life. Please pass this on and bless others with it. I hope it will cause us to grow and become more effective for Christ as we run the race.

In His grip,
Steve Caswell

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