His Love is out of this world!


It’s more important now than ever to forgive anyone and everyone with whom you have had differences. Those you have stopped talking to because you ran out of patience with them. Pride divides us, humility unites us and in the end will destroy us. Which side of the fence are you on? If we are ambassadors of Messiah we cannot let anyone divide us from family, relatives, our enemies or anyone. If we cannot forgive others, then our own sins will not be forgiven. It’s not easy and I know first hand since I’ve had to forgive some very mean, abusive and hurtful people. When we don’t forgive those people, we remain their victim and we are allowing them to keep us out of the kingdom of Heaven because we could not forgive. Do we really want that? Do we really want to be stuck in a prison they created for us and we walked right into it without even knowing because of the hardness of our own heart?

Forgiveness sets us free and delivers us from the snare of our enemies. Only by loving them can we overcome evil with good. This is freedom that Messiah spoke of. Unless we forgive we are not free and remain a prisoner because we are also harboring bitterness.

When you sing that old hymn, “He set me free, he set me free! He broke the bonds of prison for me!” And you think you are glory bound while harboring bitterness against anyone? If so, you are still a prisoner and you have not yet been set free. Do you still have unforgiveness inside you? Have you truly escaped Egypt or are you still stuck there? Do you think you are walking in the light but deceive yourself because you have not loved someone you have seen yet claim you love Elohim whom you have not seen? Stop deceiving yourself. Talk to anyone that you have been divided from and make things right.

Harboring bitterness and unforgiveness is like trying to walk about with a heavy weight tied on your ankle and trying to convince yourself you have been set free. Humble yourself now and receive the Father’s love and mercy. Unless we are holy we will never see him. Do you really want your enemies to hold you back from that? Because if you cannot forgive them, they will take you to the pit with them. I urge you in love to realize that to love even our enemies will ultimately give us the victory, deliver us from evil and give us access to the very throne of Elohim!

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