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Information on the large social sites in this evil world.

I want to share some information that can be helpful to many people. In the beginning of FB things were good and we were not affected as we are now. We could post whatever we wanted without consequence. However, over time they have programed more into the site and many good meaning people are affected. This is one reason I got busy developing more of my own social media sites.

Facebook (Meta) is a tool being used by the US government to brainwash people. I have personally had one account shut down for revealing the truth about several things. I have heard of several others as well who have been affected in similar fashion.

I recently shared a link on my FB group for an app that would help people and even give them a little money for downloading it. It’s completely legal and many people are already using it.

I’ve observed several of my brothers in the faith who are on FB but aren’t active on it. I have figured out that when we are active on FB they will use us. However, when we are not active there, we use them. What do I mean by this? There are a lot of people on FB and we can reach out to them by having a presence there so we can draw them to the truth and our websites. But to be overly active on FB causes us to become their victim. We stand the chance of being shut down. And FB is not the only site. I have seen large ministries on site such as Youtube suddenly shut down. On some of my own sites I use Google ads and they stipulate that you can’t share certain things on your site or they will shut down the ads. Site owners are intimidated to submit to Google even though Google doesn’t own the site. They are victims on their own site if they use Google ads under their conditions. They day that they do that to me, I will never use them again. I will post what I want according to my freedom in Torah and I will terminate Google. I will not submit to the ways of this world but rather to the ways of the most high. I will not fear man because they cannot cast my soul into hell. I will only fear Elohim who can cast both the body and soul into hell.

I can get a script and sell my own ads if I choose to or simply find other vendors from whom I can share ads if I need revenue to offset my online expenses.

You are not free on the worldly sites, they use you the accomplish their end. Let’s join together on sites that glorify our heavenly Father instead of sites that are being used by HaSatan.

You can go to the main page of this site at MessiahsLove.com and find links to many of our other sites. Let’s stop giving the world power over us. Let’s rise above that that join together on sites owned by Torah pursuant followers of Yeshua HaMashiach.

This eye opening video can be found on my site at http://www.shalomtube.com/watch.php?vid=4a0e013b9

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