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The biggest nightmare for a narcissist is an educated empath.

NPD which is an acronym for Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not just a disorder. These people that have this when they went through the developmental years around the ages of three and four their brains did not develop the paths that give them empathy. I know these things because I have studied psychology extensively for several decades. It doesn’t mean I’m a know-it-all it just means I know what I do.

A narcissistic sociopath is a person who displays both narcissistic and antisocial personality traits. NPD is characterized as a grandiose sense of self-importance, an attitude of entitlement or arrogance, and an excessive need for external validation. The symptoms of ASPD include impulsivity, aggression, and a total disregard for rules, laws, and social norms.

A narcissistic sociopath (also called a narcopath or malignant narcissist) has both disorders and is considered one of the most dangerous, psychologically disturbed kinds of people. Their complete lack of empathy and regard for the feelings or needs of other people makes them much more likely to act out behaviors that are typically considered wrong, bad, or even evil.

A narcissistic sociopath derives satisfaction from manipulating, deceiving, and abusing others in order to get what they want. These individuals will demonstrate traits and symptoms of both narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). They may use charm, charisma, humor, or other disguises to get people to trust them, making it harder to detect their narcissistic and sociopathic traits.

I studied narcissism extensively because it is so widespread. Now here is the shocking news. It is not just a disorder but it has been discovered that because their brain did not develop the past that give them empathy it is actually brain damage. It is also considered mental illness. These kind of people wreak havoc on others. Especially their families and will actually destroy their families emotionally. They put on the facade in public and wear it quite well and they are admired in public circles. Meanwhile their home life is destructive. Their mind is so sick that they not only deceive others but they deceive themselves as well. And they don’t even know it. About 90% of pastors are narcissists. They view the role of pastor as a leadership position. However, it is nothing like that.

The role of a pastor is simply another role in the body of Messiah. The pastor is not the boss of the assembly, in fact scripture can down anyone who takes a preeminence. Such as Diotrephes who wanted to be first among the assembly. Paul wrote about this in the book of acts. During the years I have studied psychology I also correlated it with scripture and learned far deeper things. I even came to realize that a man through crucifying his flesh as the scripture teaches and walking in the spirit can actually transcend the ego.

Concerning narcissists they have a very low self-esteem because they are very damaged. This is why they promote themselves. When I was younger, before I understood these things I would call those kinds of people, braggart types. And that’s basically who they are. The devil is the biggest narcissist of all. Messiah rebuked narcissistic spiritual leaders of his day and told them that they are of their father the devil. This is basically it in a nutshell.

One of the interesting things about a narcissist is that they think someone is a troublemaker just because they disagree with them. However in most cases it is actually the narcissist that is the troublemaker. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

They live in a deluded reality and are obsessed with power and control.

Narcissistic sociopaths don’t see the world in the same way other people do. In their distorted version of reality, they are entitled to whatever they want, regardless of what it takes to get it or who is hurt in the process. They will justify their actions, even ones that are inexcusable, and show no remorse. A sociopath’s narcissism may also lead them to develop delusions of grandeur about being important, special, or exceptional in some way. Or, they can experience paranoid delusions that others are out to get them.

People with NPD and ADP are power-hungry. Sociopathic narcissists put a lot of time and effort into acquiring positions that give them power or control over people, bowling over anyone who gets in their way. Once they obtain control, they may demand to be addressed in a certain way or make others follow rules that don’t make sense. This obsession also tends to show up as a refusal to acknowledge any other authority, including rules, laws, policies, or requests made of them by others.

Narcissistic sociopaths have a habit of using, exploiting, and taking advantage of others. This tendency shows up in all of their relationships, including romantic, platonic, or familial relationships they’ve been able to maintain. They seek out codependent, nurturing individuals who are more easily manipulated and controlled through guilt, shame, or fear, and will hold onto these relationships for as long as the person remains “useful.”

Narcissistic sociopaths are known to discard people and things that are no longer useful to them. Over time, their narcissistic discard pile stacks up and may include former friends, lovers, colleagues, and mentors. Their discard pile may also include expensive material things they got bored or tired of, as well as roles or activities that served a purpose at one time but are no longer useful to them.

Narcissistic sociopaths are most dangerous when they feel threatened. Because of their natural tendency to be paranoid, less trusting, and more easily offended, threats can be a routine occurrence for them. When they feel threatened, the narcopath will often become hostile and aggressive, lashing out and becoming abusive toward others.

I could write quite a lot more but hopefully this is enough to get the point across.

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