His Love is out of this world!


I have been keeping my eyes and ears open a lot concerning these last days. It’s obvious we have been in the time of the end and close to entering the final 7 years before Messiah returns.

This is serious stuff.

I started http://MessiahsLove.com and http://MessianicWorld.com to be a safe place online for the body of Messiah. I started the first social networking site in the world for people in our faith in 1996 on http://www.upword.org even before many people were online. I called it an interactive site. It was CIE or Christian Interactive Exchange and was very popular among Sabbath keepers. One of the members noticed that I offered freedom within structure and I still hold to that mindset. As the internet develops it’s important that I keep up with that development according to what people like. Yet while adhering to sound doctrine and protecting fellow believers online. This is what I have been doing for the past 28 years.

I shared a video on http://MessianicWorld.com from Nelson Walters who talks about new laws the United States government plans to implement known as the TikTok Bill. Some may think the USAs TikTok Bill is a good thing, but it isn’t. It’s likely a Trojan Horse carrying very dangerous stuff into our code of law that may end free speech. Will your favorite news outlets, websites, and channels be affected? Login to http://MessianicWorld.com to watch and discover how this bill can eliminate free speech, what ministries or channels it may effect.

I believe that the Holy Spirit has already prepared me for this. Since I know the US government is involved with sites like Facebook, I wanted to build a site that has a similar design, but doesn’t have the nuisances. I will not allow the Goyim to control the spiritual role Elohim has entrusted me with. I closed my group on Facebook after they told me they would be moderating it. I instantly turned off posting and soon after that turned http://MessianicWorld.com into a safe social networking site we can enjoy.

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