His Love is out of this world!


Don’t get the Covid Vaccine. The following expresses the mindset we have been seeing behind this plandemic.

Develop a virus and make people think they will die unless they get help. The virus doesn’t even have to be worse than the common flu. We just have to make poeple think it is and scare them into thinking it’s very bad.

Then influence them into wearing a think mask made out of cloth and make them think it will actually protect them and others. Continue to condition their minds so that they fall for this gag. Eventually we will gain more power and influence over the general public so we can do with them as we will.

Then introduce them to a vaccine that will alter their thinking and DNA so they forget God and fall for our hoax. We can’t make them take this vaccine but we can influence stores, banks and other purchase points to require people to take this vaccine before they buy, sell or trade.

By this we will have more control and dominance over people so we can make them do what we want.

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