His Love is out of this world!


Understanding ourselves first and getting the beam out of our eye is what enables us to understand other people better and help them become improve. Humble yourselves in the sight of Yehovah and he will lift you up.

My life has been an interesting journey. Coming out of abuse, as I have healed my eyes had been opened more to the Love of Elohim so that I no longer harbor bitterness toward abusive and toxic people. When I was young I began studying personalities, disorders and such things. I wanted to know me, to know who I am. In the process of that I learned about the other personality types and I studied extensively for decades so that not only could I know myself better, but to also know other people better. I wanted to be informed so that I could understand things I had not in the past.

Knowing personalities also gives me insight into the thinking types and mindset of individuals. Although none of us can read a persons mind, we can come to understand why they think the way they do and why they act the way they act. We can understand their MO (Method of Operation). There is no good or bad personality, people are either healthy, average or unhealthy generally speaking.

When I was young I was easily fooled by people who were crafty and understanding. By people who said one thing but did another. Sometimes people would say something one day, then on another day say the exact opposite. I came to be able to read people very well. It has helped me to protect myself and not become a victim to toxic people. There were people who would run me down and it caused me to feel inferior. Now I know better because I know when people do that they are insecure. It also made me insecure but I have gotten over that. When someone tells me something different than what they told me in the past, I don’t bring it up to them. I just let it go realizing they are simply revealing themselves to me.

I tend to have a very good memory for what someone said. I have also learned not to remind them of such things. Many times I remain silent and I know it’s far better to not say anything in many cases. It doesn’t mean I don’t know what to say, it just means I have learned that whatever another person’s issues are belong to them and not to me. Saying something many times puts them on the defensive if they are not humble and results in troubles. I am emotionally strong now and not intimidated by people. I can easily walk away from a situation and put it behind me. I enjoy having Shalom and no longer being affected by other people’s words and actions. I learned that whatever people say or do against me, is not about me but rather about them. I have learned far more by listening than I have by defending myself and pointing a finger.

Personalities are made up of thinking types. Even though personalities are fluid, we can still understand types and the thinking associated with each type. At one point I thought I would enter college and become a psychologist and spent time at the library and online learning more about myself so I might understand my own potential. I took an IQ test and other types of tests to know more about how my brain worked and what capacity I had that could help me in my endeavors.

I had found out that my own personality is sometimes called the counselor type. This was also confirmed when I put myself through counseling at an early age with a pastor who had a PhD. I learned a lot from that man and that is when I decided to begin studying. Immediately after the day he told me he “got me” I wondered, do I fit into some sort of type? Right after that meeting I visited a book store and began buying books.

Later, after some time passed and I had studied more, I dialogued with university professors and counselors to bounce ideas off to see if I actually knew what I was talking about when it came to personalities. By then I had been studied in 3 theories and had also done correlation studies between them. I was able to describe personalities according to their thinking rather than using a numbered system that I had learned. I was so fascinated with this that I studied hard and long and then when I was around people did a lot of observing so that I could understand what I was learning. I learned to watch the actions and listen to the words of people and eventually found I could discern their personality.

I don’t sit around doing this now. But in time it will dawn on me what a persons personality and sub type are. I come to realize things about their maturity and if they are honest or not to me. I know if they flip flop and many other things.

Through my studies I not only did correlation studies between theories, I correlated everything with scripture and my understanding was opened greatly. Messiah’s words concerning behavior and things came alive in my mind.

I chose not to go to college and get a degree in Psychology since I thought it better to remain in construction work and work with my hands. Learning what I have has been a useful too for me to work on guiding my own affairs in a healthy way. And so that I don’t effect other people in a bad way. There have been a lot of things in scripture that have been opened in my understanding. Some of the terms we use today, such as Narcissism are not mentioned in scripture. However, different words are used and when a person understands what Narcissism is they understand when Messiah rebuked people who had it.

Being a servant rather than a leader is what scripture tells us is better. However, there are people who have to be at the head of things and they desire “leadership” which is actually what Messiah said not to do. I used to attend a church where they pushed being “leaders of men.” However, this is contrary to what Messiah taught. He told us that he alone is our leader, teacher and Rabbi. The people who rise up as leaders will actually be abased by Elohim. Those who become servants are the ones who will be lifted up by Elohim. Messiah came as a servant to teach us how to be a servant. Yet the goats don’t get it.

A pastor is not the head of the body and does not have the preeminence. Yet in most congregations they do contrary to what Messiah taught. This is why Messiah told us to do what they say, but don’t do what they do. They know a lot of truth usually, but they don’t practice what Messiah taught to become a servant.

I have seen a lot of Narcissists with the title of Pastor and have pride. Some are hostile even though scripture tells us that they are not supposed to be soon angry. They have taken on the preeminence and many things that Messiah said belong to him. It is our Father in Heaven that elevated Messiah after he was sent as a servant. Now he will come again in power because the Father lifted him up. This is the example he set for us. Yet so many lift themselves up and want the power over people. But they will be abased by our Heavenly Father. This is something the goats do not understand because Elohim has hidden it from them.

Messiah came to leave us an example to follow, yet the goats don’t follow it. I even had a false pastor once tell me I don’t understand scripture and all I did was share the words of Messiah with him. Not adding anything to it of my own mind. Several people left his congregation also. And it will happen to other pastors who have not humbled themselves. The sheep will see it. I’ve spoken to enough of them to know who the sheep are and who the goats are. Don’t be a goat. You’ll have your glory for a time possibly, but you will be abased for eternity. Repent, and humble yourself now.

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